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Welcome. It takes courage and determination to find a good therapist. It can be anxiety provoking, especially if this is a challenging time and you are dealing with pain and confusion. Maybe you just want to enrich your life and embrace self-growth. Or work together as a couple. In any case, there is a transformation needing to happen and the moment is now.

Psychotherapy can help. You don’t have to continue to suffer alone. I will work with you in this journey. An objective, warm, non-judgmental and trustworthy voice is sometimes all you need to resonate with. Together, we can skillfully explore your needs and process what arises using new tools and the resources you have. We will embrace the shifts with compassion and respect as we move toward authenticity and wholeness.

Feel free to look around the site to get a feel of who I am and how I work. A good outcome depends on the right choice of therapist and a proper treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact me to set up an initial free 20-minute phone consultation where we can discuss your situation and how I can be of service.