Therapeutic Services

San Francisco Psychotherapy ServicesI work with adults, individually and in couples/partnerships. I also work with children. Since therapy is not a one size fits all, the work with children might start with the child alone and involve the family later on. Sometimes I start with a parent and if necessary, I ask to bring in the child(ren) if I see that help is needed to support the younger ones.

I am open to work with all issues that happen at all ages. If I realize that you need more specialized help and that I am not able to provide it because I have not trained extensively in a particular field, I will gladly refer you.

I am fairly open-minded and I don’t consider that there is only one “norm”. I tend to think in terms of “healthy” rather than “normal”. There is room for everyone’s lifestyles and orientations, ideologies and philosophies of life as long as nobody gets hurt and all the participants are comfortable.

I am always interested to work with different cultures and I am very sensitive to the cultural gap that can develop between first time immigrants and the next generation. Much too often, conflicts arise for those who “sit” between two different worlds and walk the thin line between tradition and the challenges of “the American way” of life. I am most familiar with the European and the African culture and will enjoy learning more about yours if you decide to choose me as your therapist.

Usually, sessions are 50 minutes. I work with a sliding scale.