Transpersonal – Existential


The transpersonal is part of my education and orientation. It refers to what goes beyond the human psyche. I might sometimes mention it during the session when I need to refer to a higher power, specially when it comes down to deep existential questions that no human mind has answers for. This is not a religious dogma and you are free to embrace it or not. I am certainly open to any spiritual beliefs you have and are willing to share. Spirituality comes in many different ways and I welcome cross-cultural forms of such practices. From my observation, it is fair to say that spirituality has been a resource in my client’s work. In the most devastating moments of crisis, loneliness and trauma, a belief in a higher power has saved many from giving up. I respect that.

At times, my approach also encompasses the exploration of the questions about life and death, about our role on earth and the meaning of our lives. I can’t say that I have the answers, but I welcome the thoughts when they surface and I am open to be with the client in his/her search for meaning.